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Digital Marketing

Online publicity and traffic for your website or app.


We set up and manage internet marketing solutions. Our offer include search engine optimization, search marketing and social media management. We provide exceptional management of social media accounts for individuals and organizations.

The Digital Marketing plan includes all the features in our Search Engine Optimization , Social Media Management and Analytics  services, competitor analysis, brand awareness, visibility online reputation management and online presence audit.

The Client can select from an array of search engines and social media platforms. They can also choose local or international campaigns.

Digital marketing has a base charge of 1000 GHS which caters for appraisal of the digital presence of the Client including websites and social media presence and for preparing those assets for marketing purposes.

It may take up to six months from inception of organic campaign before results begin to show.  Paid campaigns are effective same day. Client receives Reports each month.

This service includes paid ad.


We work with Clients to devise the best solution to optimize goals at least cost. We employ only ethical and transparent methods to realize objectives. We share with client, a calendar of activities and KPI reporting.


Our digital marketing services are offered under customized terms that are unique for each Client. Please refer to the invoice you receive for specific conditions.

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