Homepage changes after updates

Homepage changes after updates

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The Qualicare Theme is called SHK corporate.  In recent updates, a feature that enables the homepage to be customized has been separated from the main theme. So when you update the homepage will not show the banner and the services.

These two things do not show because the feature which displays them is called Webriti companion and needs to be loaded as a separate plugin.

For security purposes, the website disallows plugins to be uploaded by the theme directly. So you will need to upload the plugin and install manually.

So when you update the theme and the homepage misses some items, please follow this procedure:

Step one

Go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/webriti-companion/

Step two

Click Download button at top right and ensure its downloaded to the PC as a file

Step three

Go to  the site admin, click plugins at left, click Add New at top. Click the upload plugin button, click choose file and then install now.

Step four

After plugin is uploaded, go to plugins and install.

Step five

Now the homepage elements will show in full. The header and the services section will show.


If for any reason, they dont show, then follow this procedure to restore them:

Step one

Click Appearance and click Customize.

Step two

Go to Featured Slider Settings, select a category for the slider. The right category is slider.  Click Publish at top right.

Then go to widgets and customize widgets under the slider. Click Publish at top right.

Then go to service settings and set all the six ares plus the title.  Click Publish at top right.

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